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Confirmation - What is it?

'Confirmare' means 'to confirm' and means a mature confirmation of one's own baptism. After a year of growing into it, young people confirm with their "yes" that they want to be members of this community.

We do it like this...

Our new confirmation class always begins in May. It leads to confirmation in May of the following year. The focus for us is the encounter in the Christian community and the common experience of faith. We are realizing how difficult it is to have regular on-site meetings in the London metropolitan area. The central, binding component is therefore a 14-day confi camp in the adventure camp in Sweden from July 30th to August 13th, 2022. There are also six confirmation Saturdays, church services and regular contact with the church community and the confirmation group.

In the adventure camp we are together with around 100 other young people from Germany. The camp language is German. We fly from London to Hamburg, spend the night in the parish hall and then take the bus to the camp.

“Every summer, young people from all sorts of places meet in the adventure camp to experience adventure, community and the Christian faith together for two weeks. In addition to great activities - a two-day hiking tour and a three-day canoe tour through the idyllic landscape of Sweden, the drop-out, football, basketball, volleyball, crate climbing, swimming in the house lake, working in the carpenter's barn - one thing in particular inspires the young people every year again: communal life in the camp. This place is sacred.”

For more information please give us a call.

We need a binding registration by the end of February. The registration form can be downloaded here.