A short portrait

Our congregation - German Lutheran Congregation Oxford - is young and outgoing.  It is characterized by families and their children. The “Family Church”, a service for young and old, takes place every 14 days in our parish hall in Lathbury Road. It is a welcoming and lively hub for young families in and around Oxford.

Our congregation was founded in 1939 by Germans fleeing Nazi terror. At that time, they were warmly welcomed  by the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. Today, we still celebrate our services on the first Sunday of every month in this beautiful Gothic church with its special history.

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How to find us

University Church St. Mary the Virgin
High Street
Oxford OX1
  Parish Hall
15A Lathbury Road
Oxford OX2 7AT

Church Board

    • Günther von Billerbeck (Chair)
    • Lucie Abeler-Dörner (Treasurer)
    • Sandra Hay
    • Anja Shortland
    • Michaela Scheuermann-Freestone
    • Patricia Zachhuber