With God's blessing

When two people have found each other and want to go their way in life together, that is a reason to rejoice and celebrate. We accompany you with a festive wedding service in which we bring your love before God, pray for you and promise you God's blessing.

Prerequisite: community membership

We can only marry couples, at least one of whom are baptized members of one of our parishes. If you are not yet a registered member of our parish, your membership is necessary. The other part of your partnership can be a member of an Anglican, Catholic, Free Church or Christian Orthodox congregation.

We look forward to getting to know you in advance at one of our services.

What is the marriage interview about?

Contact us as early as possible to arrange a wedding date. A wedding interview takes place some time before the wedding. In addition to getting to know each other, part of it is also about the course of the divine service, choosing a biblical wedding saying and possible song requests and flower arrangements. But content-related things should also be discussed, such as: What does a church wedding mean to us? What role does faith play in our life?

If the majority of the guests do not speak German, we also offer to hold parts of the wedding ceremony in English or bilingually.

Church music

Our organist Bernard Barker is responsible for music that takes place in the services at Christ Church. You should discuss special musical arrangements with him in good time. It is common practice for you to pay the organist directly. For weddings in our other churches we are looking for the musical accompaniment with you.

What needs to be organized when and how?

First you should clarify with us whether your desired date is possible.

The formalities here in England are as follows: You arrange the civil wedding in the Registrar's Office before the church wedding. Please send a certified copy of the civil marriage to the parish office. The other option is to ask a registrar to perform the marriage in the church as part of the church wedding. If you receive a registry book for the civil marriage, please bring it with you to the wedding ceremony. We can then certify your wedding in it. Since we have to finance all of our ongoing expenses and personnel costs from membership fees and donations, we ask that you make a donation to the community on the occasion of your wedding.

In order to get the planning started, we ask you to fill out this form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Sexton service and flower arrangements

The sexton service is done on a voluntary basis in our community. If you would like to make our beautiful church even more beautiful for your celebration, you are welcome to order flowers for the altar and pews. We are happy for your altar flower decorations remaining for our Sunday service. Throwing flowers, rice and confetti after the wedding ceremony is fun and looks great, but unfortunately it also creates a lot of work when cleaning up. We therefore ask you to refrain from doing so. Please note that parking at the church is only possible on the few designated parking spaces and not directly in front of the church.