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Children's Service

In Oxford family worship is a service for “Young and Old”.  We celebrate it every fortnight in our parish house in Lathbury House. All children jointly decorate the altar and bring with candles and “Sorgensteine” their joy or grief to God. A biblical story is the centre of the children’s service. Quite often activities with handicrafts are being offered.

In Petersham we include more and more child friendly elements into the church service which we play-act with the children. 

In Christchurch up to now Children’s Service took place parallel to the worship of grown-ups. Off late unfortunately attendance dropped off due to Corona. We would like to revitalize the service for the children with the help of interested families. Please talk to us.

Generally children and grown-ups start the family worship together. The children we include have their own liturgy with their own hymns, prayers, a biblical story, “kreative Vertiefung”  and farewell blessing  at the end of the service.

Thus all is conducted in a language suitable for children with handicrafts, painting and music, all things children like. In this way the children experience God loves us. The church is a place at which one can encounter him.